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Super Saver Delivery

How do I get FREE Super Saver Delivery?

1. Place over £20 of eligible items in your Shopping Basket.*

2. Proceed to checkout.

3. Make sure your items are being delivered to a single UK address.

4. Select Super Saver Delivery as your delivery method. The delivery time for Super Saver Delivery orders is 3 to 5 business days after dispatch. Orders placed using Super Saver Delivery will generally be delivered to you 2-4 days later than the same order placed using First Class Delivery.

5. Select "Group my items into as few deliveries as possible" as your delivery preference.

6. Place your order.**

* Eligible items are those purchased directly from Amazon.co.uk (or items sold by a third party on Marketplace marked as Fulfilled by Amazon) on the Amazon.co.uk website, excluding gift certificates and certain electrical items (where this is stated on the item's product information page). Items purchased from Amazon's Preferred Merchant, Indigostarfish.com are also eligible for Super Saver Delivery. If your order qualifies for FREE Super Saver Delivery, you will still be charged a delivery fee for any ineligible items in the order.

**Cancelling items, combining orders, or changing your delivery address, speed, or preference might affect your order's eligibility for Super Saver Delivery.

Does everything on the site qualify for free Super Saver Delivery?
The only items that aren't included in the offer are gift certificates and items purchased from third parties on Amazon.co.uk Marketplace (unless marked as Fulfilled by Amazon).

Is anything eligible for free Super Saver Delivery under the £20 threshold?
Yes. Books over £10 (combined or singly) qualify for free Super Saver Delivery.

Can I add things to an existing order to bring it over the £20 mark?
Yes. As long as your order hasn't entered the dispatch process, you can add items. To do this, click on Your Account in the top right-hand corner of the page and open your order from the "Where's my stuff?" section.

I'd like to have my order delivered to more than one address. Do I still get free delivery?
Yes, you can send many different orders to different UK addresses, as long as each order is to the value of £20 or more.

What if I'd like my items to be delivered when they become available, rather than in one delivery? Are my orders still eligible for free Super Saver Delivery?
No. Only orders with all the items delivered together qualify.

Can I set my 1-click default settings to Super Saver Delivery?
No, but if the order hasn't entered the dispatch process you can change your delivery preference to Super Saver Delivery. To do this, click on Your Account in the top right-hand corner of the page and open your order from the "Where's my stuff?" section.

Can I get free Super Saver Delivery if I redeem an Amazon.co.uk gift certificate?
Yes. As long as your order qualifies, you can use your gift certificate and receive free Super Saver Delivery.

What if I cancel part of my order?
If the total cost of items ordered remains at or above £20, delivery will be free. If the total cost drops below £20, the normal delivery fee will be charged.

Can 1-Click orders be eligible for free Super Saver Delivery?
Yes. After you have purchased your first 1-Click item, you have 90 minutes in which to increase your total order to the value of £20 or more to qualify for free Super Saver Delivery. Items purchased within the 90-minute window will automatically be consolidated into one order. When you've reached the threshold, go to Your Account and change the delivery option for the order to "Super Saver Delivery".

Can I get Super Saver Delivery on items I purchase from Indigostarfish.com on the Amazon.co.uk site?

Terms and Conditions

  • Applies only to orders completed on or after 1st May 2015 with £20 or more of eligible products (including VAT at the UK rate), at Amazon.co.uk.
  • The following products are not eligible for free Super Saver Delivery: e-Books, gift certificates, products purchased from third party merchants using Amazon.co.uk Marketplace (unless marked as Fulfilled by Amazon or from Amazon's Preferred Merchant, Indigostarfish.com)
  • Applies only to deliveries to addresses within England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and all BFPO addresses (including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).
  • Applies only to orders that are to be delivered to a single UK delivery address.
  • Applies only to orders that you have selected to "Dispatch when entire order is ready".
  • Does not apply to purchases made on Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.jp or Amazon.cn.
  • May be used in conjunction with a promotional certificate. To qualify for free Super Saver Delivery, the total amount of the products purchased before the promotional certificate is applied must be £20 or more.
  • You will not receive free Super Saver Delivery on your order if any eligible products are cancelled, bringing the total order amount below £20.
  • We reserve the right to change or discontinue free Super Saver Delivery at any time.

Astro Boy
Atomic Betty
Basil Brush
Bear in the Big Blue House
Big Cook Little Cook
Bird Bath
Bob the Builder
Boogie Beebies
Book of Pooh
Bottle Top Bill
Charlie & Lola
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Cramp Twins
Dennis the Menace
Dick & Dom in da Bungalow
Dora the Explorer
Elmo's World
Fairly Oddparents
Fifi & the Flowertots
Fireman Sam
George Shrinks
Gerald McBoing Boing
Gordon the Garden Gnome
Grizzly Tales
Harry & His Bucketful of Dinosaurs
In The Night Garden
Jane and the Dragon
King Arthur's Disasters
Little Einsteins
Little Princess
Lunar Jim
Maya & Miguel
Meg & Mog
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch
Mona the Vampire
Mopatop Shop
Mr. Bean
My Parents Are Aliens
Old Bear Stories
Peppa Pig
Postman Pat
Power Rangers
Roary the Racing Car
Rolie Polie Olie
Roobarb & Custard
Spongebob Squarepants
Thomas the Tank Engine
Totally Spies
Tractor Tom
Tracy Beaker
Underground Ernie
Watch My Chops
Zombie Hotel
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